Founded in 1948 as the National University for Workers (Universidad Obrera Nacional), today, the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN) has become the only national university with an academic structure that places different engineering careers as its central objective.

UTN mission is to create, preserve and transmit the knowledge of universal techniques and culture in the field of technology.

Today, UTN is one of the largest three national universities in Argentina with 56,000 students attending its 29 Regional Schools.

UTN Santa Fe began its activities in 1953 as one of the five foundational Schools of the Universidad Tecnólogica Nacional. During its 60 years of academic life, it has successfully built tight bonds with the productive sector of the Littoral region and also with the community. It is a center of reference in the formation of engineers and subjects related to the careers of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering as well as industrial and information systems engineering.

Our people:

  • 3000 students
  • 430 professors
  • 149 researchers
  • 100 administrative staff